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Perfect Marriage Proposal in Delhi NCR

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Get Perfect Proposal Planner in Delhi - Affection India

This might be one of my favorite marriage proposals. It has the perfect sunset, the perfect view overlooking in Aerocity Delhi NCR, and the perfect couple to go along with it. Deepak reached out to us to plan his proposal to his girlfriend on their upcoming trip to Delhi. His girlfriend Nasik is from France and she had been to Pride Plaza many times, but has never seen poolside area. So this trip was set to be a vacation of a lifetime and the perfect setting for a marriage proposal.

Now Deepak came to us with high expectations. This couldn’t just be any proposal. He wanted it to “sweep her off her feet” and to be an “enchanting, hard to believe it is happening moment.” When we read deepak questionnaire, it was literally like we were reading a romance novel. So we felt like we had plenty of material to create a truly enchanting proposal. Here is how it all went down.

Perfect Proposal Location

Experience a memorable stay at the finest luxury hotel in Delhi by Pride Group - The Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity, New Delhi. Located in close proximity to Delhi and Gurgaon, this 5-star hotel near Delhi Airport provides the finest accommodation and state-of-the-art amenities and serves as a delightful haven for business and leisure travellers. The palatial rooms are decorated with the magnificent monumental images of India. The most striking aspect of the lovely images highlighting the beauty of the country is that they are absolutely authentic. Being a quintessential traditional hotel, the Pride Plaza offers it’s guests a host of opportunities to feel at home and relish the true Indian treat in the form of home-made jams, pickles, conventional chaats in the buffet, the relaxing welcome drink, tamarind candies, hot water bottles among many others

Perfect Proposal Idea

And a perfect proposal idea is nothing without execution. On the proposal day, setup was completely shocked when she walked out onto the rooftop and experienced her dream proposal. Deepak walked her down the aisle as the a guitar singers performed hindi romantic songs. He read the banners to her, showed her the special memory book, and dropped to his knee to propose. All while a photographer captured their beautiful moment.

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