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5 Ways To Get Your Family Involved In Your Proposal

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

If you’re like many couples, family is important to you and to your partner. The family has been involved in many of your milestones and life accomplishments. So it is perfectly natural that you would want them to play a part in your proposal idea. Wanting to have family there sounds great but there are a lot of things to keep in mind. But what are the best ways to get family members involved while still keeping the proposal a surprise? Lucky for you, we have some great proposal planning tips to involve the family in your proposal.

Signs of Love

My family would love to be there to watch your proposal in firsthand. There are millions of ways to propose and some of the best ways to propose would be to do it outdoors. If you’re planning an outdoor proposal and want family members present, think about having those family members hold up signs with the words “Will You Marry Me?” on them. This could be at a final location such as a beach, park, or maybe even your backyard.

Does that sound too simple and do you want something more in-depth? Then how about you line up your family along a path (like next to trees in a beautiful park) and have them display personalized love notes from you to your partner? She’ll be extra emotional reading the displays of love and seeing a family member holding them for her.

IMPORTANT RULE: Just make sure that your partner doesn’t see the signs beforehand!

Photos are Forever

If your family cannot physically be there, one of the best ways to have them be a part of the proposal is through a scrapbook. Have pictures there showing your parents, and your partner’s parents, on their wedding day and now. Perhaps even have them pose the same way they did for their wedding photographs. At the end of the scrapbook, you can have a photo of you and your partner with a blank spot next to it and a caption underneath stating that it is meant for a photo of the two of you, years after your own wedding day.

An alternative to this is to have a video showing a slideshow of these photos. You can rent out a venue space and have a projector and screen ready. You can pretty it up with blankets, pillows, flowers, and candles. You show her the slideshow with “your” song and your partner will be sure to say “YES!”.

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