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Flash Mob Proposal and Tips in India

Flash mob proposals are all the hype these days. Check out this proposal in India . If you like what you see, let our #wedding proposal planners help you come up with your own flash mob proposal. Read our Flash Mob Proposal Tips below.

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If you want the perfect flash mob proposal, follow these 4 tips!

Get Professional a Flash Mob Planner

Even if you don’t hire us, which I recommend you do, you should hire someone that can coordinate this huge event. A Flash Mob has several moving parts (audio, choreography, dancers, etc.) and you need someone extremely organized to stay on top of all of the details. Since you are proposing, you have enough on your plate and don’t want to have to worry about everything on your special day.

Choose Location

Another reason it is good to hire a planner is because you have to select the location for a flash mob wisely. A lot of places won’t allow flash mobs, while others require permits and insurance. Only an experienced coordinator knows the right questions to ask to make sure you aren’t embarrassed during your routine by getting the boot.

Keep It Easy

For your routine, make sure to keep it simple. If you start adding in tricks or a lot of the dancers doing different moves, it can look sloppy. More importantly, it leaves too much room for error.


Why have a flash mob if you aren’t going to be able to show it to everyone? Hire someone to take video of the big day or have a friend do it. Video is more important than photos for this type of event.

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